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Power line Drone

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Fire fighting drone 25KG payload

Drone For Power line string

Product description: drones used for firefighting operations are equipped with add-ons, including: Thermal cameras to identify fire sources and hot spots; Infrared cameras that detect humans and animals; Extinguishin

n the construction process of many power lines, it is often restricted by terrain and environmental characteristics. For example, the wiring process must cross some rivers, lakes, industrial and commercial areas, residential areas, roads, railways, or hills, canyons, forestry. Seedlings and so on. These factors have caused the construction cost to increase geometrically, the construction schedule has to be delayed or even interrupted, and the construction quality cannot be guaranteed. Power cable drones, power line drones, can effectively protect crops and seedlings from deforestation, residential buildings do not need to be relocated, construction workers no longer travel long distances, overcome obstacles, save a lot of economics Compensation, and greatly speed up the construction progress, reducing wire surface damage. Up to now, the wing-flying power line drones and power-lined drone technology have reached a stage of full maturity. They have achieved thousands of aerial line operations and have rich experience in aerial wiring. Moreover, with many domestic large-scale power companies still maintain long-term cooperation, FLY DRAGON DRONE TECH Co., Ltd. is highly praised by customers!


Aircraft frame parameters: wheelbase 1000mm; height: 350mm
Center plate large diameter: 260mm
Flight mode: manual remote control, attitude mode, GPS mode
Maximum takeoff weight: 13KG
Maximum load weight: 8KG
Battery type: 2-6S
Flight time: 20min (@9KG and battery capacity 16000mah)
No-load hover time: 30min (battery capacity is 16000mah)
Maximum flight speed: 14m/S
Relative flight height: 2000m
Wind resistance: 6 poles
Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +60 ° C
Storage temperature: -50 ° C ~ +70 ° C

Working humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing

Drone Features:

1. Simple operation: simple complicated operation can be realized with simple operation;
2, easy to carry: any time, under any conditions, a person can carry freely;

3, eight-axis drone can directly drag 2.0mm DuPont wire rope 1000 meters more efficient

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