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Fire Fighting Drone

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Fire fighting drone 25KG payload

Fire fighting drone 25KG payload

Product description: drones used for firefighting operations are equipped with add-ons, including: Thermal cameras to identify fire sources and hot spots; Infrared cameras that detect humans and animals; Extinguishin

The high floors of the city are rising and the floors are getting higher and higher, which brings great challenges to fire rescue. The fire floor equipment on the floor is too high to quickly reach the control of the fire, and can only be allowed to ravage the fire, causing major fire accidents. In response to this problem, we have developed a dual fire-fighting drone that has a large load capacity, strong wind resistance, high throwing precision, and can fire fire extinguishers remotely in a complex fire weather environment. At the same time, it can also spray fire-extinguishing powder at close range. The double fire fighting drone is a special fire fighting drone for high-rise buildings.
It features a folding fuselage design, super-load and anti-shock design, fast access to high-rise fire scenes, high-powered cameras to observe fire, and firearms to launch firefighting drones.


Shaft distance 1380mm
Single arm length 485mm
Dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm x 800mm (without propeller)
Rack material aviation aluminum 7075
Surface treatment
Welding method (TIG) inert gas welding
Compressive strength 300kg
Weight 6kg
Motor technical parameters

Maximum pulling force 14.9kg*8
KV value 120rpm/V
Weight 692g*8
Motor size Φ 90.2*52.2
Maximum current 65A
Bearing NSK ball bearing (waterproof)
Electrical tuning technical parameters

Battery 6-14S LiPo
PWM input signal level 5V
Working pulse width 1100-1940μs
Maximum allowable voltage 65V
Maximum allowable current (continuous) 80A
Maximum allowable peak current (3 seconds) 120A

Material Carbon fiber composite (nano coating)
Diameter / pitch 30mm*90mm
Weight 210g
Fire extinguisher

Volume 20L
Material aviation aluminum 7075
Weight 3.46kg
Burst pressure 5MPa
Filling pressure 2.5MPa
Installation size 400mm*(140^3)
Installation method
Open mode
Dusting tube

Material carbon fiber
Telescopic length Expanding length 4m (minimum can be reduced to 1.5m)
Battery parameter

Polymer lithium battery 12s*2
Volume 1190190S 22000mAh
Volume 366mm*251mm*132mm
Features The battery itself comes with smart chip protection.
Remote control system

Remote radius (including extended range)} 10km
Map transmission distance 10km
Digital image transmission 1080P high-definition digital transmission

Dual GNSS module for precise heading control
The radar module realizes that the scanned terrain automatically maintains the distance from the ground fire field.
The RTK module has an accuracy of up to centimeter and accurate positioning to ensure more precise fire fighting.
Ultrasonic module automatic obstacle avoidance function ensures flight safety
Flight characteristics

Operating frequency 2.400~2.483GHz
Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) 100mW/2.4GHz
Flight time 25min (full load) 45min (no load)
Working voltage 44.4V
Flight speed 30 m / s
Working environment temperature -10°~40°
Wind resistance ≤5
Night light 5
Maximum tilt angle 30°
Maximum yaw speed 150°/s
Flight mode and function Attitude-stabilization mode, attitude-fixed height mode, GPS-speed mode, GPS angle mode, automatic return mode, runaway return, low voltage alarm protection, terrain following function, emergency stop function, GPS speed switching function, Support digital transmission ground station flight, support digital transmission remote adjustment, ground station with image recognition, height, distance, wind speed, temperature and other display functions

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