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Drone Technician Training Course

Days of training
150 Kgs
Weight category
Topics curriculum

Course content

DGCA Approved Course

Can apply for UAOP

10 Day Course for Small & medium Category

Assembly of Custom Drones

Flight Simulator Sessions

Field Flying Sessions

Drone Maintenance

Engine Maintenance


Introduction to Drone Technology

– Definition and Classification of Drones

– Historical Overview of Drones

– Role of Drones in Modern Industries

– Basics of Aerodynamics and Flight Principles


Drone Components and Anatomy

– Understanding Drone Components

– Types of Drones: Fixed-Wing, Multirotor, Hybrid

– Drone Frame, Motors, and Propellers

– Flight Controllers and Sensors

– Power Systems: Batteries and ESCs


Drone Assembly and Disassembly

– Hands-on Drone Assembly

– Proper Drone Disassembly Techniques

– Safety Measures during Assembly/Disassembly

– Checking for Defects and Wear


Maintenance and Repair

– Routine Maintenance Procedures

– Diagnosing Common Drone Issues

– Drone Repair Techniques: Motor Replacement, Propeller Replacement, etc.

– Troubleshooting Electrical and Mechanical Problems


Drone Safety and Regulations

– Drone Safety Guidelines and Best Practices

– Overview of DGCA Regulations

– No-Fly Zones and Restricted Areas

– Responsible Drone Operation


Hands-on Practical Sessions

– Practical Sessions on Drone Assembly, Disassembly, and Maintenance

– Real-world Problem-Solving Scenarios

– Flight Simulator Training

– Emergency Procedures and Crash Recovery


Introduction to Drone Technology

– Identifying Complex Drone Issues

– Advanced Diagnostics

– Advanced Repair Techniques

– Firmware Updates and Configuration


Final Assessment and Certification

– Written Examination of Drone Technology and Safety

– Practical Assessment: Assembly, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

– Awarding of Drone Technician Certification


Career Opportunities and Job Placement

– Exploring Career Paths in the Drone Industry

– Resume Building and Interview Preparation

– Job Placement Assistance and Networking

DAY 10

Ongoing Support and Professional Development

– Post-course Career Guidance

– Access to DroneVerse Alumni Network

– Staying Updated with Industry Trends and Technologies

Drone Technician Training Course

₹ 35,000 (+GST)

At DroneVerse, we offer a cutting-edge Drone Technician Training Course that covers everything you need to know to launch a successful career in the drone industry. This course provides hands-on training, industry-relevant knowledge, and certifications to make you a highly sought-after drone technician. Here’s what you can expect from our program

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